Best Donut I’ve Ever Had :)

Donuts. They’re deep fried, delicious rings that you can have for breakfast or a snack (or maybe for lunch or dinner, if you’re that kind of person). The best donuts have that perfect balance of a crispy exterior and a soft, welcoming, pillowy inside. The best donuts have that perfect balance between heaviness that comes with anything deep fried and the delicate airiness of the dough. The best donuts have a perfect balance between hints of sweetness and pinches of tartness. This was that perfect donut.

In early August, Mr. Lesser took our studio out to go apple picking at Shelburne Farm, a yearly activity that nobody misses out on. Before taking us to fill our bags with hundreds of apples, he took us to a small stand on the side of a large barn, next to the gift shop. At the stand, they sold nine flavors of ice cream, sixteen flavors of frozen yogurt, and assortment of pastries, pies, and cookies. But there was only one item from their entire selection that Mr. Lesser cared about. He went up to the stand and ordered half a dozen cider donuts (for himself and those of us who he drove from Cambridge). He grabbed the bag from the side window, lifted the opening of the bag to his nose, and opened it. His eyes lit up with a sense of bliss (something that has yet to happen in any of my lessons), and he quickly took one out. Mr. Lesser stuck the bag out towards us and told us each to grab one. I reached into the bag and grabbed one.

Cider Donut

When I took a bite, I was stunned. My eyes probably lit up the same way Mr. Lesser’s did (something that still hasn’t happened after almost 9 years on the cello). This was genuinely the best donut I have ever had. There was a perfect balance between the sweetness and tartness from the apple cider and a hint of cinnamon. And although it was deep fried, it still carried a sense of lightness in the dough.

The cider donut was a perfect prelude to a wonderful afternoon picking apples and having a great time with the studio. Thanks again to Mr. Lesser and the studio!

Lesser Studio Picture


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